Cobia Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Cobia Fishing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The mighty Cobia is a favorite target for many South Carolina anglers, and throughout the Southeastern seaboard. Due to their fantastic fighting ability and their willingness to eat an artificial lure, live bait, or a fly it’s no wonder why Cobia are such a popular fish here in Myrtle Beach. Sight Fishing for migrating Cobia is perhaps one of the most thrilling types of fishing we have available here in Myrtle Beach.
Cobia can be found just beyond the breakers from Myrtle Beach to Pawleys Island, and we will often run the beach in the Bay Boat on calm days looking for signs of feeding fish or large schools of bait fish. We also target Cobia around several of the nearshore reefs several miles off the beach. Cobia often associate with suspending structure like sea buoys and channel markers as well as artificial reefs and live bottoms in the ocean.
These powerful fish move into the Myrtle Beach area during the Spring and the action gets red hot by late May. We will continue to catch these fish well into early September but it does get to be more spotty as we get further into summer. The main reason that cobia flood the waters around Myrtle Beach is simple… they are here to feed as they migrate north with the large schools of bait fish.
Unless you are sight fishing using artificial lures of fly fishing equipment, no experience is required, however be prepared for a fight of a lifetime as these fish are known for their remarkable ability to not give up.
Cobia are managed by federal regulations which require a minimum of 33in(fork length) for harvest and a total of two fish per person per day. Cobia make for excellent table fare and are particularly tasty on the grill.

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