Myrtle Beach Shark Fishing Charters

Shark Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sharks are the apex predator of the ocean and are a lot of fun to catch with the right equipment. Our Shark Fishing Charters are a crowd favorite for out of town visitors to Myrtle Beach, particularly for the younger anglers. These trips are a great option for anglers looking for a big fight and a story to go along with it.
Sharks tend to congregate around inlets, jetties, and the deeper channels in Winyah Bay so we don’t necessarily have to fish in rough water or travel very far in the ocean to encounter sharks. All of our shark fishing trips depart from the Georgetown Landing Marina in Georgetown South Carolina.

May, June, July, August and September are excellent months to shark fishing in the Myrtle Beach area. While we catch sharks at all times during daylight hours, Sharks are generally more active in the early morning and late afternoon under low light conditions. 

There are numerous species of sharks available in the Myrtle Beach area that range in size from 20 lbs to 200 lbs. Bonnethead sharks are a crowd favorite, particularly for kids which are a lot of fun to catch on light tackle. Black Tips and Sandbar sharks are the common species that we encounter on these trips, averaging 50lbs. Bull Sharks and Lemon Sharks are the larger species that we target and they can average 150lbs.

With no experience needed, Shark fishing trips are a great way for families to enjoy a day on the water. Your captain will guide you through the fighting process and give instruction as needed.

Our shark fishing trips are catch and release only. Sharks have a tendency to be high in Mercury, therefore we do not keep any sharks.

Since we don’t have to travel a long distance to reach shark fishing grounds, we recommend a 4hr or 5hr trip which can be extended if needed. Pricing and other details can be found on our rates page.

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