Flounder Fishing Charters

flounder fishing myrtle beach

Flounder Fishing Charters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We offer Flounder Fishing charters that target Southern Flounder exclusively. The best time of year to target flounder is the Spring, Summer, and Fall and we use a variety of different methods to catch flounder. The most common and perhaps the most productive method is casting live minnows into likely ambush areas where flounder feed. While live bait is productive Flounder are very aggressive fish and will respond to various artificial baits as well.

While most of the flounder fishing that we do takes place in the calm creeks and inlets, when the weather and tides cooperate we will target them at the jetties and nearshore wrecks where many of the larger flounder are caught.

South Carolina regulations on Flounder require that a fish must meet the 14in minimum to be harvested. The average size flounder that we catch in the Myrtle Beach area is 14-16in, however it is not uncommon to catch a Flounder that tapes out past the 20in mark.