Target Species

The Myrtle Beach area is home to many different species of gamefish with year around fishing opportunities.

Red Drum

Year Around

Red Drum (also known as Redfish, Spottail Bass, or Channel Bass) are the most abundant of all inshore game fish species here.


Summer Fall

Tarpon fishing is the ultimate challenge for any angler and the Myrtle Beach area is blessed to have some world class tarpon


Spring-Summer -Fall

Flounder fishing is very popular here in Myrtle Beach due to a healthy population and the excellent table fare these fish offer

Speckled Trout

Year Around

Speckled Trout fishing is a popular target for many anglers since they are so common and generally easy to catch.


Spring-Summer -Fall

The mighty Cobia is a favorite target for many South Carolina anglers, and throughout the Southeastern seaboard.

Shark Fishing

Spring-Summer -Fall

Sharks are the ultimate predator and are a lot of fun to catch using light- heavy tackle. Here in Myrtle Beach,

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