Shark Fishing Myrtle Beach

There is something special about catching a shark. It could be that we are fascinated by catching and touching an apex predator from the deep, or maybe it is just the curiosity of seeing a dangerous animal up close.

As the summer months roll around and the water temperatures increase many sharks will begin to show up along the South Carolina coast. Although sharks are often perceived as dangerous creatures, shark fishing is fun and safe for all. Shark fishing is a great first-time experience, no experience is needed, and the action is typically fast-paced.

Sharks of any size are powerful. We typically catch sharks in the 20-200 pound range. Smaller sharks are awesome fun for children and new anglers and the larger sharks are a great battle for all anglers.

Shark Fishing in Myrtle Beach

The most common sharks we catch include:

Bonnethead Shark

Sandbar Shark

Black Tip Shark  *under 50 pounds

Shark Fishing in Myrtle Beach

The biggest sharks in the area, which can be hundreds of pounds, include bull, lemons, spinners, hammerhead, and tiger sharks.

Shark fishing is most active in the month’s May through October. We target sharks near inlets, jetties, deeper passes, and sometimes nearshore on artificial reefs and wrecks when the weather cooperates.

The gear we use is typically medium-heavy to heavy rods and larger reels to make sure the fight is as quick as possible to make sure the sharks swim off strong. Often while targeting sharks other species will be caught as well, including redfish, tarpon, bluefish, stingrays, cobia.

Sharks are opportunistic predators and they are lured in by struggling, injured, and dead fish. To find the sharks we anchor near prime areas, with lots of marine life.

One strategy we use is to chum the water with baitfish to attract fish and sharks to the area. This will pique the sharks’ interest and cause them to look for a meal in the area. We then put larger chunks of bait on large circle hooks attached to the mainline with a wire leader to prevent the shark’s teeth from cutting the line. These are then dropped down. Now is the time to hold on tight.

The best dates in the summer months book up quickly so now is the time to schedule your family shark fishing adventure with Captain Jordan.