Inshore Fishing for Redfish, Seatrout and Tarpon

The ultimate inshore fishing trip for many anglers would be to catch a variety of quality fish of various species. There are several staple game fish species around the South Carolina coast.

Two of the most popular fish that are caught year-round are redfish and seatrout. Additionally, in the late spring and summer months, the highly sought-after tarpon, aka “Silver King”, migrates through South Carolina inshore and nearshore waters, giving anglers an exciting opportunity to catch an amazing variety of fish during an inshore trip.

One of the best areas to target these species is south of Georgetown, South Carolina in the expansive estuary that includes Winyah Bay, the Santee River delta, and Cape Romain. This area features several marine preserves and has very little development, traffic, and lower fishing pressure.

Redfish and trout can usually be caught in a wide range of conditions and coastal areas. The gear is usually light to medium rods and reels. To locate these fish you will want to find structure and transition areas in the area, such as creeks, bars, grass flats, holes, current breaks, etc. Either species can readily be caught with bait or artificial lures. When fish are located, take some time to cast throughout the area and you will likely catch several more fish. Anglers can keep up to two redfish (15-23 inches) and 10 seatrout (≥14 inches) to eat.

If conditions are right to target tarpon, anglers are in for a big surprise. Tarpon often reach 150lbs requiring heavy gear to successfully land. Tarpon can also be caught with live bait or artificial lures. The most successful technique will be to locate tarpon and cast live baitfish found in the area in front of the school, sometimes floating it under a cork.

Tarpon are explosively powerful creatures and often leap entirely out of the water several times during a fight. The fights can last over an hour, testing the determination of the angler and the quality of the gear. Tarpon do not have any food value and are protected. So after a great picture, they are revived and released to continue their migration and breeding cycle.

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Your best bet to catch redfish, trout, and tarpon on a single day would be to book a full-day charter with Captain Jordan Pate of Myrtle Beach Guide Service. A full-day charter gives Captain Jordan the most flexibility to locate feeding fish during the changing conditions throughout the day. Tarpon season is just around the corner, so book your inshore trip today while they are still available.