Can You Catch Black Drum around Pawleys Island SC?

The serene waters of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, are a haven for anglers, offering a vibrant and diverse fishery. Nestled about 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach, this small beachside community is a gateway to bountiful fishing opportunities. And yes, among the abundance of species that inhabit these waters, the Black Drum holds a special place.

Black Drum: The Underrated Challenger

Black Drum, while not as recognized as their Red Drum counterparts, hold a secret ace in their fins. These fish, known for their signature drumming sound, are a surprising and exciting catch around Pawleys Island. Black Drum are benthic omnivores, feasting on a menu of oysters, mussels, crabs, and shrimp, which lends to their unique taste when they grace the dinner table.

More so, the Black Drum are formidable opponents on the line, offering a thrilling tug-of-war that can test even the most experienced angler. They are known to grow large, with some Black Drum reaching over 30 pounds, adding to the thrill of the chase. Their robust strength and endurance make them a challenging yet rewarding catch.

Black Drum is indeed a hidden treasure of Pawleys Island, offering not just a fantastic sportfishing opportunity but also a chance to learn more about the diverse marine ecosystem of the area. Whether you’re casting a line from the shore or embarking on a dedicated charter, keep an eye out for these remarkable fish; their understated allure is sure to enhance your fishing experience.

Fishing in Pawleys Creek and Surrounding Beaches

Pawleys Creek and the surrounding beaches form a vital part of the local fishing landscape. These areas are particularly productive during the Fall, making them prime spots for surf fishing. Expect to encounter species such as Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, and of course, the Black Drum.

Drifting or trolling for Flounder is a popular technique in the shallow creek. However, don’t be surprised if your line is suddenly tugged by the forceful bite of a Black Drum. The most fruitful time to fish Pawleys Creek is typically during the Spring, Summer, and fall.

A Family Fishing Adventure

Myrtle Beach Guide Service offers family fishing charters in Pawleys Creek, designed to offer hands-on experience for young anglers. These trips aren’t just about the thrill of the catch; they’re also educational. You’ll learn about the most productive fishing techniques for Pawleys Island, as well as navigation tips to help you explore the area confidently.

Alongside targeting Flounder, Trout, and Red Drum, these family charters offer the chance to go crabbing—an activity that always delights the kids. The Black Drum, with its size and power, adds a touch of drama and excitement to these trips.

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Navigating with the Experts

Captain Jordan Pate, US Coast Guard Certified and with a lifetime of fishing experience in the Myrtle Beach area, leads our team at Myrtle Beach Guide Service. Our fleet, including the 21ft Sportsman and the 16ft Action Craft, is perfect for navigating the shallow waters of Pawleys Creek and the ocean when conditions allow.

So, can you catch Black Drum around Pawleys Island, SC? Absolutely! And with Myrtle Beach Guide Service, you’ll have expert guidance, ensuring a memorable and fruitful fishing adventure. Ready to wrestle with a Black Drum and enjoy the richness of Pawleys Island waters? Book your trip today, and let the adventure begin!