Pawleys Island Fishing Charters For Myrtle Beach Guests

Myrtle Beach, renowned for its stunning sandy shores, bustling boardwalks, and family-friendly attractions, is a vacation hotspot that has been drawing visitors for decades. While the beach scene is undoubtedly the main attraction, many aren’t aware that just a short drive south leads you to a prime fishing locale: Pawleys Island.

Pawleys Island might not have the glitz and glamor of Myrtle Beach, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to fishing opportunities. Nestled about 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach, this small beach-side community boasts a rich fishing tradition, with Pawleys Creek and the surrounding beaches being the core of its fishing scene. For those looking to swap the vibrant beach umbrellas and surfboards for fishing rods and bait, Pawleys Island offers an authentic and relaxed fishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just looking to try something different during your Myrtle Beach vacation, Pawleys Island is worth the detour.

Why Choose Pawleys Island for Fishing?

When you’re in Myrtle Beach, the call to cast a line can be strong. But why head to Pawleys Island instead of sticking around the main beach? Here are some straight-up reasons:

  • Close and Convenient: First off, the proximity can’t be beat. Pawleys Island is just a quick 15-mile drive south of Myrtle Beach. It’s close enough for a day trip but offers a different fishing vibe altogether. You get a change of scenery without the long haul.
  • Fish Galore: Pawleys Island isn’t just about the view; it’s a hotspot for a diverse range of fish species. From red drum, black drum, and trout to flounder and bluefish, there’s plenty to reel in. And if you’re visiting in the fall, surf fishing here can be downright fantastic.
  • Less Hustle, More Fish: Unlike the more popular spots that can get crowded, Pawleys Island offers a more laid-back fishing experience. Here, it’s just you, the water, and the fish. No jostling for a prime spot or navigating through beachgoers. It’s straightforward fishing in its purest form.

So, if you’re around Myrtle Beach and itching for some genuine fishing action, Pawleys Island is your go-to. Less fuss, more fish – it’s as simple as that.

Types of Fishing Available at Pawleys Island

Fishing is as much about the experience as it is about the catch, and Pawleys Island offers a variety of both. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just someone looking to dip their toes (or hooks) into the world of fishing, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s dive into what Pawleys Island has on the menu:

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is what Pawleys Island is best known for, especially in the calm waters of Pawleys Creek. The area is teeming with a range of fish species that are a delight for both novice and experienced anglers. Common catches here include the feisty red drum, the elusive trout, and the challenging black drum. If you’re lucky and your timing’s right, you might also hook a flounder, especially if you’re trolling or drifting – a popular technique in these parts. The backdrop of the scenic creek, with its meandering turns and twists, only adds to the experience, making inshore fishing a must-try at Pawleys Island.

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Nearshore Fishing

Just a bit further out from the coastline, nearshore fishing at Pawleys Island offers a slightly different challenge and set of rewards. Here, you’re playing in the transition zone between the shore and the deeper ocean waters, which means a diverse group of fish might bite. Common catches in these waters include the energetic bluefish and the hard-fighting Spanish mackerel. The beauty of nearshore fishing is the variety – every cast might bring something different, making for an unpredictable and exciting fishing trip.

Tarpon Fishing

Ah, tarpon – the silver kings of the water. Tarpon fishing at Pawleys Island is an experience in its own league. These powerful, acrobatic fish are not only a thrill to catch but also a sight to behold as they leap and dive, testing the skills of even the most seasoned anglers. The technique here is a bit different; it’s all about understanding the tarpon’s behavior, using the right bait, and having a lot of patience. Summer and Fall are prime times for tarpon fishing, with the fish being more active and in abundance. If you’re looking for a fishing story to brag about, landing a tarpon at Pawleys Island might just be it.

Shark Fishing

For those who crave a bit more adrenaline in their fishing trips, shark fishing at Pawleys Island is the way to go. Don’t worry; it’s not about going toe-to-fin with Jaws. It’s about the thrill of catching one of nature’s most iconic predators. Common species you might reel in include the blacktip shark, bonnethead shark, and even the occasional bull shark. Each species offers a different challenge, from the way they bite to the fight they put up. It’s a game of strategy, strength, and skill, making shark fishing a unique experience that stands out in the diverse fishing offerings of Pawleys Island.

Myrtle Beach Shark Fishing

Pawleys Island is more than just a serene getaway from the hustle of Myrtle Beach. It’s a fishing paradise, offering a diverse range of experiences, challenges, and rewards. Whether you’re inshore fishing amidst the calm of Pawleys Creek, battling a tarpon in the open waters, or feeling the adrenaline rush of shark fishing, there’s something for every angler here. So grab your rod, pick your spot, and dive into the fishing wonders of Pawleys Island.

Tips for a Successful Fishing Trip at Pawleys Island

When it comes to fishing at Pawleys Island, a little know-how can go a long way. It’s not just about casting your line and hoping for the best; it’s about understanding the environment and working with it. Let’s dive into some tips that’ll help you make the most of your fishing adventure here.

The time of year plays a significant role in what you can expect to catch. Pawleys Island comes alive with a variety of fish species during different seasons. If you’re eyeing red drum, black drum, or trout, fall is your best bet, especially for surf fishing. Spring and summer, on the other hand, are prime for flounder and tarpon, with the warmer waters bringing these species closer to the shore.

Tides are another crucial factor. Like many fishing spots, the activity at Pawleys Island ebbs and flows with the tides. Understanding when the tides are coming in or going out can significantly affect your chances of making a good catch. It’s always a good idea to check local tide charts and plan your fishing trip around them.

Now, while Pawleys Island offers a laid-back fishing vibe, it’s essential to be aware of local regulations. Fishing is a beloved activity here, and the community strives to maintain a sustainable environment. Make sure you’re familiar with size and bag limits for different species.

Lastly, if you’re new to the area or looking to level up your fishing game, consider hiring a local guide. Myrtle Beach Guide Service, headed by Captain Jordan Pate, offers a wealth of local knowledge. With a guide like Captain Pate, you’ll not only learn about the best spots and techniques but also gain insights into the rich fishing traditions of Pawleys Island. It’s an investment in an authentic and enriched fishing experience.

So, gear up, do a bit of homework, and head to Pawleys Island prepared. With these tips in hand, you’re set for a fishing trip that’s both rewarding and memorable.

How to Book a Fishing Charter at Pawleys Island

Booking a fishing charter at Pawleys Island is more than just reserving a boat; it’s about ensuring you get the best experience tailored to your fishing desires. Here’s a straightforward guide to get you started on the right foot.

First up, do your research. While Pawleys Island isn’t sprawling with countless charter services, the few that operate here are top-notch. Dive into online reviews, ask around, and get a feel for which charter aligns with your fishing goals. For instance, if you’re keen on targeting a specific species, find a charter that specializes in that.

Next, don’t be shy about asking questions. A good charter service will be more than happy to answer any queries you have. How long are the trips? What’s included in the package? Do they provide gear or should you bring your own? These are just starting points. The more you ask, the clearer picture you’ll have of what to expect.

Lastly, prepare for your trip. Once you’ve booked your charter, make sure you’re geared up. Even if the charter provides equipment, you might want to bring personal essentials like sunscreen, snacks, or a hat. Oh, and always check the weather forecast. It’s better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Booking a fishing charter at Pawleys Island is a simple process, but it’s the small details that can make a difference. By doing a bit of research, asking the right questions, and prepping for the day, you’re setting yourself up for a fishing adventure you won’t soon forget.


Pawleys Island, just a stone’s throw from Myrtle Beach, is an angler’s haven. From its diverse fish species to the serene fishing spots, it promises an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to learn the ropes, Pawleys Island has something for every fishing enthusiast. If you’re contemplating a fishing adventure here, consider booking a trip with Captain Jordan Pate at Myrtle Beach Guide Service. With his expertise and local knowledge, you’re not just signing up for a fishing trip; you’re securing a memorable experience. Dive into the world of Pawleys Island fishing, and let the adventures begin!

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